Thursday Getaway: All At Once Premiere

In celebration of Earth Month, Participant Media is premiering “All At Once: On The Road,” a documentary that follows Jack Johnson’s 2014 North American west coast tour and highlights his music, lifestyle and greening initiatives. 

The film gives us an inside look at Johnson‘s Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation, the work of the All At Once campaign and several key non-profit partners and businesses focusing on plastic free initiatives and sustainable local food systems. It's inspiring to see how Jack and his team strive to limit the impact they leave on this planet – from traveling on biodiesel-powered buses, to sourcing organic and locally grown meals, to carefully disposing of waste along the way.

The goal of the tour and this documentary is to show people that they can get involved, make the right choices and enjoy the music along the way. If you miss the film premiere on Pivot TV, you can get it on April 8th via iTunes!