Klean Celebrates the National Parks Service at the NatureBridge Gala

NatureBridge Gala, An Evening with NatureBridge, at San Francisco City Hall on May 18, 2016Last Friday, several Klean Kanteen employees donned their best and headed to San Francisco's City Hall to mingle with some of California's premier conservationists and support a key partner at the 2016 NatureBridge Gala.

A celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Parks Service, the Gala featured interactive experiences that immersed attendees in NatureBridge's national parks programs. Attendees were transported to NatureBridge national park locations in the Channel Islands, Santa Monica Mountains, Yosemite, Golden Gate, Olympic and Prince William Forest Park thanks to Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets.

Ken McNeely, President of AT&T California, virtually visits one of  NatureBridge’s campuses via Google Cardboard

Caroleigh Pierce, Klean Kanteen's nonprofit outreach manager, had this to say about the event: "It's inspiring to see all the amazing work NatureBridge is doing and in such a fun way! We believe it is essential to get our youth into these wild places so they can experience them in a manner that makes them eager to become the next generation of conservationists. This event is a beautiful reaffirmation of why we choose to support NatureBridge and their wonderful work."

Klean Kanteen's Giordan Potter speak with Moose Mutlow, NESC Project Director, about the new Yosemite campus, the National Environmental Science CenterThe Gala raised over $715,000 for NatureBridge, enough to allow more than 30,000 children and teens from diverse communities to participate in Nature Bridge's national parks programming. 

For more information about the amazing work NatureBridge is doing, please visit their website: naturebridge.org.