Introducing the 10-Ounce Steel Cup: A Wee Bit Smaller

Our beloved stainless steel cup has just gotten a little more versatile. Now it comes in a size that's arguably ideal for adult beverages and kid-friendly juices alike, thanks to its slightly stunted size. The original 16-ounce pint cup always seems to call for a hoppy brew, whereas the 10-ounce stainless steel cup is ideally suited to a pour of red wine or a salt-rimmed margarita on a hot summer day. What's more, the brand-new, smaller cup is much easier for kids to get a handle on, making it ideal for backyard barbecues with the entire family. Of course, the best part about these is that they're unbreakable, which makes them the perfect dish-ware for kids at home, for camping or as a gift for someone who simply likes the stainless steel look.

The 10-ounce cups can be ordered individually, or in packs of four. Either way, get your hands on them today!