#BringYourOwn: Trashed Car

Trashed Car from Klean Kanteen on Vimeo.

We all get a sense of relief when we clean up our homes and take out the trash. Away it goes! But does that trash ever really go away? Furthermore, what if you had to live amid your own disposable goods? Doing so might change your perspective on waste forever. Find out how one man felt when he was intimately  faced with his family's garbage. 

Klean Kanteen created the #BringYourOwn project to inspire a new conversation around eliminating single use and waste in the environment. Typically, the dialogue goes something like this; “YOU need to change the way you live to make the world better. Here’s a simple step that you can take to live ‘smarter.’ It’s not that hard.”

But research shows that ingrained habits, convenience, and public policies can make it really hard for people to make these personal changes. So we want to change that and meet them where they are.

#BringYourOwn starts a conversation around the policies and cultural ideas that promote a disposable lifestyle. Why is it easier to find a disposable bottle of water than finding a place to fill your reusable bottle? Why are there some places that will fill your reusable container and other places that have health codes against it? Why is bringing reusable options seen as so easy by some, but sort of hard for many?

There are reasons for all of these questions. And we want to talk about them. So join the conversation at #BringYourOwn.

Note: While waste stream reporting in the US is understandably complex, the numbers used in these films are based on widely used and accepted estimates throughout advocacy and academic work.