Costa Rica's Envision Fest is Back


Envision is not your average festival. Combining music, art, sustainability and movement, Envision is a festival of epic proportions aimed at people who want to participate in a life-changing event. From the Envision site itself, this sums it up well: 

"Envision is an annual gathering in Costa Rica that seeks to provide a platform for different cultures to inspire one another to co-create sustainable community and practice yoga, spirituality, art, music, dance performance, education and acknowledge our fundamental connection with nature." 

Think that sounds intriguing? Add to it that Envision Fest takes place just a short walk from the beach, with access to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, amid tropical rainforest and with shaded campsites that will offer respite from the midday sun. What's more, Envision does its part to provide visitors with initiatives they can take to contribute to the overall environmental consideration of the event itself. As the site details, participants can do this by:

"Using your own water bottle. There are 3 filtered water Hydration Stations onsite. No plastic water bottles, please! Using your own reusable bowl, plate, cup & utensils or making them yourself with palm leaves, banana leaves, and bamboo (demonstrations and assistance with Community Carbon Trees at the Tree Zenter) or buying bamboo ware at Envision Merchandise (limited quantities available!). We have several dish washing sinks available for your use throughout the weekend. In an effort to almost completely eliminate disposable food vendor waste, please help Envision and the global community by being conscious food consumers and resource conservers, and by not using any disposable plates, bowls, cups or utensils you may have brought."

Take a look at the overall Envision Experience here, and be sure to consider marking your calendar for Envision 2016. This year's General Admission event is entirely sold out, but there are a limited number of VIP packages being sold here for this year.