Catching Up with Michelle on her Climb Against the Odds Training

This year, our very own Michelle Kalberer, co-owner of Klean Kanteen, is going to Climb Against the Odds. Between now and June, she'll be training to climb 14,179-foot Mt. Shasta in Northern California, all the while fundraising in support of Breast Cancer Fund. Stay tuned for updates right here on the Klean Kanteen blog leading up to Michelle's Climb. Want to help? Donate here.

When we last caught up with Michelle on the blog, she shared with us why the Climb Against the Odds was important to her; having supported her mother and best friend through their battles with the disease, her connection with breast cancer is extremely personal. That's why deciding to Climb Against the Odds is so significant to Michelle, and why she's making every effort to be as strong and as prepared as possible for the Climb this June. We asked her how her training is going, and here's what she shared with us: 

"My training is going awesome!! I will be doing my third training hike this weekend: eight and a half miles with around 30 pounds on my back. My husband is determined to push me hard. I just received some of my gear and it further solidifies the task that is in front of me. My pack looks huge, but I’m SO ready for the challenge!

I have had so much support, both emotional and financial. It has been truly eye-opening how many people come out of the woodwork to let you know they, too have battled cancer, or have someone close to them that has battled cancer. That's all the more reason why what the Breast Cancer Fund does to connect the dots between our environment and toxins is so important."

In addition to training, Michelle is fundraising in order to support the Breast Cancer Fund's efforts to eliminate unnecessary exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation, both of which are linked to the disease. You can be a part of these efforts by donating to Michelle's fund and helping her reach her goal. Every bit counts; donate here today