Tap Into Klean Kanteen Growlers, Now Available

Klean Kanteen growlers are officially available for purchase, and we're excited to launch this brand-new stainless steel solution! Our growlers, which are beautifully designed and built to last, provide an economically and environmentally attractive way to fill up and transport your favorite craft brew, wine, kombucha or cold-brew. 

Klean Kanteen growlers are available in both a 40oz and a 64oz size. They're made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, with a 100 percent stainless interior that's electropolished and won't retain or impart flavors. Klean Kanteen growlers come with our stainless steel threadless SwingLok™ Cap that ensures a leakproof, tight seal. What's more, our growlers are built to last and won't break like their glass or ceramic counterparts. Klean Kanteen growlers do not come with government label warnings.

It's important to know that every state in the U.S. has its own policy for filling growlers, and that due to the rapid growth of the craft brew industry, state laws are being updated and changed regularly. If you've purchased (or want to purchase) a Klean Kanteen growler, but wonder whether your local brewery will fill it, call them in advance to find out what their growler policy is. Of course, we'd also recommend following this rule of thumb for any wineries you'd like to use your growler at. 

For more information on how growlers are defined by Federal Law, please reference The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau website. 

The best resource we've found for understanding state growler rules, restrictions and regulations is the Growler Laws section of the Brewer's Association website, which has a database of growler laws for each state in the U.S., which you can access here

Klean Kanteen does not claim to be an expert on laws, rules or regulations as they pertain to growlers. The following information should serve as a resource for you to use in gathering information, and not as the final say in any matter.