Climb Against the Odds: Klean Co-Owner Michelle Will Summit Mt. Shasta Next Week

"Each year an amazing team of women and men from across the country gathers to attempt to summit the 14,179-ft. Mt. Shasta in support of the Breast Cancer Fund's groundbreaking work to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to the toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease." 

This year, Klean Kanteen co-owner Michelle Kalberer is one of the people climbing Mt. Shasta, and she's ready for it. Michelle has been training for months, and has kept us updated on her progress in training along the way. Now, with her climb less than a week away, she tells us about her last training hike and how she's feeling about next week. In Michelle's own words: 

I’M READY (I hope)! I spent Sunday accomplishing my last training hike before heading up to Mount Shasta next Sunday for my Tuesday climb. This one was beautiful and full of history. We headed out from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area–Marin Headlands–to go 11 miles, 6,000 feet of up and down terrain, all with 40 pounds on my back. I started to wonder, as I was sweating up the mountain, if this is what a mountain goat feels like going up nature's original stair-master. Thank goodness, the scenery was fantastic, and the company was great!

I asked our trainer and head trekker how far up, in miles, the summit of Mt. Shasta really is. She told me trailhead to summit is only three miles! That's when I just about fell off the trail! That means it will take us approximately 10 to 13 hours to hike just three miles. That tells you how vertical the terrain really is.  

If you would still like to donate to the Breast Cancer Fund and my climb, there is still time. This link will take you straight to my fundraising page. Thank you again for all your support and encouragement! The Breast Cancer Fund is an amazing group, and I am continually inspired by their work to help connect the dots between breast cancer and the toxins in our environment. Donate here today