Thursday Getaway: Chico Teens Cycle Cross-Country for a Cause

At this point in the week, we suspect you're in the mood to get out and enjoy the world outside of your computer screen, but it's Thursday, and you can't–yet. Don't despair! We've got just the thing to make you smile, daydream or draw inspiration from for your weekend, which is just around the corner.

At the start of this month, two Chico teens embarked on a journey most of us will never take. Grant Adams, who graduated from high school this June, and his brother Walker, a sophomore, are in the midst of a four-thousand-mile bicycle trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean. Together, they're hoping to raise awareness for clean water efforts worldwide, a cause that's engrained in their family history.

As a recent article in Action News Now states, "The idea for their journey didn't come out of the blue. The boys' grandparents, Grant and Shirley Adams, have made the cross county trip on bicycle three times to raise awareness for clean water projects worldwide. The boys will be riding for the same charity "Bridging the Gap by Giving," a group that drills wells and provides clean water to parts of Africa and South America."

We'll be following the brothers' trip closely, and you can too, here. We're proud to help support such a great cause, and genuinely inspiring journey!