Thursday Getaway: Beat the Bead


At this point in the week, we suspect you're in the mood to get out and enjoy the world outside of your computer screen, but it's Thursday, and you can't – yet. Don't despair! We've got just the thing to make you smile, daydream or draw inspiration from for your weekend, which is just around the corner.

Take four minutes today to watch the video above and, once it's over, consider what might be in your exfoliating face and body wash, or even your toothpaste. These tiny beads are made of plastic (polyethylene to be exact), and they're wreaking havoc on our waterways while causing unknown amounts of damage to our bodies.

Here at Klean Kanteen, we're advocates for eliminating as much single-use waste as possible, and proponents of finding sustainable solutions to existing plastic waste problems. So, because microbeads simply don't break down, we're with 5 Gyres when they say: let's ban the bead

Take some time this Thursday to learn, take a stand and become part of the solution. Sign the petition to beat the bead for good right here, right now.