Thursday Getaway: Timber! Outdoor Music Festival

At this point in the week, we suspect you're in the mood to get out and enjoy the world outside of your computer screen, but it's Thursday, and you can't – yet. Don't despair! We've got just the thing to make you smile, daydream or draw inspiration from for your weekend, which is just around the corner.

This isn't your average music festival. In fact, it's much more. Timber! Outdoor Music Festival combines music, community and the natural environment of the beautiful Pacific Northwest in one weekend chock-full of delightful sounds, sights and adventures. If that sounds intriguing, we suggest watching the video above, which is a short and sweet recap of last year's event. 


This year, the Timber! Outdoor Music Festival is being held in the same location, and boasts events for families and individuals of all ages. In addition to incredible live music performances, some of the happenings include a 5k run/walk, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming and meditation. There are so many activities, in fact, that we suggest you hop over to the event site itself to check them all out here: The Timber! Outdoor Music Festival kicks off today in Carnation, Washington, so if you're a PNW local, you might still be able to clear your weekend schedule and head that way.