Live Klean: Mornings on the Go

We believe that buying long-lasting, high-quality stuff, repairing what you have and seeking out only what you truly need matters. And just like practicing yoga or committing to a fitness program, reducing waste and your footprint on the whole is definitely easier with a little practice and routine.

Wherever you are on the path to living Klean, we’re here to help. So, thanks to our closest friends and family, we’ve put together a few unique ways to use your Klean Kanteen product so you can switch up a few habits along the way. Think outside of the bottle, and see the many unconventional, sometimes even unusual, ways you can use your current Kanteen, canister or lid instead of the alternative.

Our first Live Klean suggestion will save you time, money and unnecessary trash during mornings on the go: Make fresh, homemade oatmeal in your Insulated Klean Kanteen Canister and allow it to cook on your commute to work.

We’ve all been there: the sun has yet to come up, but you’ve already gotten your morning workout in or dropped your kids off at daycare. Now you’ve got just enough time to shower, dress, pour coffee into your to-go mug and run, literally, out the door. Breakfast is an afterthought, and your last resort is an energy bar or a disposable oatmeal packet that’s been sitting in your bottom desk drawer for months. Neither is appetizing and both generate waste. Busy mornings require quick solutions, which is why we’re sharing this one, which as simple as it is swift.

Here’s how to make fresh oatmeal on the go in your Insulated Canister:

  1. Grab your Insulated Canister.
  2. Measure one serving of oats and place in your Canister.
  3. Heat ½ cup of water to just under boiling, and pour into your Canister atop the oats.
  4. Close the Canister lid. Grab a spoon and go!
  5. When you get to the office or to school, you’ll have fresh-cooked oatmeal to enjoy and fuel you for the day.
  6. Wash, rinse and repeat tomorrow morning.

 Stay tuned here on the Klean Blog for more Live Klean Tips coming soon!