Thursday Getaway: Snowsurf

As the season changes slowly from bright, hot summer into cooler, darker fall, we all take keen notice of how this transition makes us feel. Some of us long for the longer days of August, when we could stay outside until late without even noticing a chill in the air. Others among us enjoy the anticipation of the season to come after fall: winter; the time of year when we don our warmest attire and head to the mountain as early as possible to enjoy the prior night's fresh dusting of powder. Whichever camp you fall into, we think you'll enjoy this trailer for the upcoming Patagonia-sponsored film, "Snowsurf," which showcases a group of surfers and snowboarders who are embarking on a journey that appears as a hybrid of these two board sports. So curl up with your cup of coffee or tea on this mid-September day, watch and enjoy.