Live Klean: Waste Not, Want Not

We believe that buying long-lasting, high-quality stuff, repairing what you have and seeking out only what you truly need matters. And just like practicing yoga or committing to a fitness program, reducing waste and your footprint on the whole is definitely easier with a little practice and routine.

Wherever you are on the path to living Klean, we’re here to help. So, thanks to our closest friends and family, we’ve put together a few unique ways to use your Klean Kanteen product so you can switch up a few habits along the way. Think outside of the bottle, and see the many unconventional, sometimes even unusual, ways you can use your current Kanteen, canister or lid instead of the alternative.

This Live Klean suggestion will give you a new appreciation for your 27oz Klean Kanteen Classic when you're packing for a sweet day hike, an afternoon picnic or catching the evening's sunset on the beach: your 27oz Classic holds the same volume as one bottle of wine, with just a bit of room to spare. Expert tip: Bring a few 10oz Steel Cups along for a durable wine glass.

We're not the only ones who think a nice glass of wine is a great complement to dinner on the beach or at the end of a long hike. With a myriad of wine-to-go options out there, from plastic cups to wine in a box, you can easily take your pick, drink and enjoy. Unfortunately, while they’re convenient, most of the to-go options leave a lot of waste behind. So, why not skip all of that? May we suggest: bring your favorite bottle of wine in your 27oz Klean Kanteen instead. That way, when you're sitting on the beach or toasting at the top of the mountain, you can truly enjoy the simple stuff – and what matters: a beautiful sunset, friends and vino, without any of the stuff you don’t need.

Stay tuned here on the Klean Blog for more Live Klean Tips coming soon!