Thursday Getaway: Martin's Boat

Martin's Boat is a film that beautifully honors the legend of Martin Litton, who passed away just over a year ago at the age of 97. Martin has been described as the "grandfather of dories," as he was known for pioneering whitewater river expeditions through the Grand Canyon. He's also recognized as one of the preeminent figures responsible for getting two giant dam propositions on the Grand Canyon shut down and terminated by Congress in the 1960s. Barbara Boyle of the Sierra Club once described Martin as “passionate, original, tempestuous, stubborn, charming, obnoxious, courteous, inappropriate, dogged, fiery, and impossibly effective." 


The full film from O.A.R.S. and filmmaker Pete McBride will be released at the 2016 Wild and Scenic Film Festival in Nevada City, CA, which takes place January 14 - 18. In the meantime, take a minute and a half today to watch the trailer, which gives a glimpse into the life of one of the most remarkable River Giants who ever lived.