Klean Voices: New Year, New Resolve

This time of year, we're all ready to hit the “reset” button and make New Year’s resolutions, but because we're human, many of us have a hard time sticking to them. 

Here are my suggestions for resolutions that are fairly easy to commit to and that have the potential to bring big change to your life in 2016.

  1. Eat more greens

Aside from the obvious health reasons, making the conscious choice to eat more greens each day is also the best way to help out the planet. Studies have shown that meat production is one of the leading causes of climate change, as well as water depletion, soil erosion, deforestation and other environmental problems. Nowadays, healthy vegan or vegetarian choices are available in every restaurant, with every caterer or at every coffee shop. All you have to do is take another look at the menu or inquire about them!

  1. Do something once a month that is out of your comfort zone

We are creatures of habit and we like to stick to what we know. It's comfortable, easy and does not scare us. But this coming year, make a point of trying something new each month! This keeps your mind open to new experiences and allows you to train yourself not be so scared of the new and unknown.

  1. Commit to one evening per week without electronics

Silence is golden! Give it a go; try not to check your email or social media accounts and instead make a point of reading your favorite book, or meeting up with your friends and talking. Not having 24-hour access to the internet was reality not too long ago and giving yourself a break from it will have wonderful effects on your mind.

  1. Take a forest bath

Ever heard of forest bathing? Yes, it is a thing, at least in Japan. Shinrin-yoku, as it is called in Japanese, is a short, leisurely visit to the forest, and studies have shown the benefits. Some include reductions in stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness. Even if the weather is crappy, or you live in a city and nature is not as accessible, make a point of going outside. Stroll in the park, look at the trees, feel the sun on your skin and take a moment to calm down and just be.

  1. Start a vision board

Make your intentions clear by writing them down. Creating a “vision board” for the year helps you direct your energy in ways you actually want. It's also great fun to be crafty! Put the board somewhere visible so you can look at your goals and visions, and leave space for additions and changes.

  1. Make time for physical exercise

If you haven't already, make time to exercise more. Ever tried yoga? If not, sign up for a beginner’s course, or buy a monthly membership at your studio or gym. Committing financially to exercise usually helps sticking to it.

Happy New Year!

Klean Voice Contributor Babsi Glanznig is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga instructor at RE:treat, an organization based in Telluride, Colorado, that offers yoga inspired adventure retreats in beautiful mountain locations around the world. Photos in this blog post by Babsi.