For the Love of a River: Saving the San Joaquin



Our long-time partner, American Rivers, does incredible work to help raise awareness for the water issues we currently face as a nation. In this case, American Rivers supported one of the best filmmakers out there, Justin Clifton, in creating a short film about a man who's dedicated his life to restoring a river close to home for us: California's once mighty  San Joaquin. In 2014, American Rivers named the San Joaquin America's Most Endangered River. In 2016, they're raising awareness for the restoration of its health, so that it "can continue to sustain agriculture, communities, and fish and wildlife" in our community. 


The film here, Waltis perhaps as much an homage to a beautiful human as it is to the San Joaquin. This serves as a steadying reminder that we're inextricably connected to the natural world around us. As 85-year-old organic raisin farmer and lifelong river advocate Walt Shubin simply states, "You can't live with out water. Our land is worthless without water. You have to have water to grow crops; you have to have water to drink." Take a few minutes today to watch the film and listen to a man who's been fighting to save this local wonder and national treasure for 65 years. Learn more about the San Joaquin river here