Klean Voices: Balancing the Shift in Seasons

Our yogi friend and Klean Voices contributor Barbara Glanznig sent us some essential tips for balancing our energy levels during the change of seasons.

Living in a small Colorado box canyon, at almost 10,000 feet, where it’s windy, cold, and dry throughout the year, has taught me how to balance the transition of seasons. Through simple and effective changes in my diet and daily routine, I have been able to minimize overall imbalances and become stronger, healthier, and happier during the shift in seasons.  

According to Ayurvedic principles, from late summer through early winter, Vata qualities (elements: air + space) become predominant in our environment and can lead to imbalances in our bodies and minds. Most often, they manifest as dry skin, constipation, sleeping troubles, dizziness, or mental and emotional disturbances such as anxiety or fearfulness. To help you avoid these imbalances, here are some tips on how to find physical and mental harmony during the fall transition.


  • Enjoy foods that are naturally sweet, sour, and salty in taste.
  • Eat warm foods, both energetically and in temperature.
  • Try whole, freshly cooked foods.
  • Mix in warming spices like ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, and cumin, but not extremely hot spices like cayenne pepper.
  • Drink lots of room temperature or warm drinks, like tea. Take them with you throughout the day using your Klean Kanteen.
  • Try magic milk! Add a pinch of saffron and some freshly ground turmeric into a cup of dairy or non-dairy milk. Bring the milk to a boil and let it cool down in the pot for a couple of minutes. Pour through a strainer and sweeten with raw cane sugar or jaggery (Indian palm sugar) to taste! Drink every night as night cap before you head to bed.


  • Stick to a regular routine for eating, sleeping, working, etc.
  • Nourish your body with 10-20 minutes of self-massage with ½ cup warm sesame oil (Abhyanga).
  • Keep warm, no matter what the weather!
  • And when relaxing, enjoy sweet, soothing music, smells, scenes and company!

Klean Voice Contributor Babara Glanznig is an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga instructor at RE:treat, an organization based in Telluride, Colorado, that offers yoga inspired adventure retreats in beautiful mountain locations around the world. Photos in this blog post by Babara.