Packing a Zero-Waste Back To School Lunch

It can always be a bit of an adjustment getting back into the swing of things when the first day of school arrives. Lunch prep procrastination is a great way to ensure a bunch of single-use waste goes straight from your kiddo's lunchbox into the landfill. To help you put together a proper plan, here are ten great #BringYourOwn lunch tips from Zero-Waste Chef.

  1. Come up with a menu
  2. Go shopping
  3. Prepare what you can on Sunday night
  4. Get a reusable bottle and fill it with water
  5. Buy some stainless steel containers
  6. Remember glass jars are your friend
  7. Pack real cutlery
  8. Pack a cloth napkin
  9. Find a reusable lunchbox or bag
  10. Bring home the scraps for compost

For more details on making each one of these back to school tips a success, check out Zero-Waste Chef’s great post about #BringYourOwn lunches.

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Zero-Waste Chef for creating such a delicious resource for those looking to reduce their impact while eating well!