This Organic Girl - Ten Ways To Be A Greener You

We recently came across a great article by This Organic Girl that encourages all of us to take little steps toward minimizing our environmental impact and exposure to harmful household toxins. Here are her recommended ten steps for becoming a bit greener version of yourself.

  1. Don’t microwave plastic
  2. Use a reusable water bottle
  3. Stop your junk mail
  4. Take reusable grocery bags
  5. Ditch dryer sheets
  6. Use mason jars
  7. #BringYourOwn
  8. Read labels
  9. Stop buying anything with “fragrance” listed as an ingredient
  10. Filter your water

To learn more about each one of these tips, please visit This Organic Girl’s entire article.

Get inspired and find awesome new ways to bring your own by using the #BringYourOwn hashtag on social media. Join the conversation and use #BringYourOwn to share your personal tips and tricks for reducing single-use plastics.

A big THANK YOU to This Organic Girl for encouraging everyone to reduce their impact and live a healthier existence!