Why Yes on 67?

Klean’s President and CEO Jim Osgood shares his thoughts on why California should vote yes to uphold Proposition 67.

As a California company with a mission to reduce single-use plastic, it should come as no surprise that Klean Kanteen strongly supports Proposition 67. In 2014, we cheered when California led the nation and passed a statewide ban on carryout plastic bags (SB 207). The plastics industry has challenged that law from the outset and now it has spent over $3 million to put a referendum on the November 2016 ballot. It is clear plastic bags provide only short-term value but create long-term problems for our communities. Proposition 67 is our chance to prove that we’re serious about protecting our environment. Here are a few facts you won’t hear from the plastic bag industry:

  • Plastic pollution poses a deadly threat to over 663 species of marine animals (source: Convention on Biological Diversity, 2012)
  • In the ocean, plastic bags break down into tiny pieces and poison the food chain for both marine life and humans (source: Environmental Science & Technology, 2013)
  • Plastic bags do not biodegrade and remain in our environment for up to 1,000 years (Source: Slate.com)
  • Less than 5% of plastic bags are recycled in California (source: ca.gov)
  • California spends as much as $107 million annually to clean up plastic bag litter (source: NRDC, 2013)

Californians have already demonstrated their overwhelming support for the plastic bag ban as over 150 communities have passed local laws—proposition 67 would simplify the regulations with a statewide ban. We’ve already proved that “bringing your own” is an easy and convenient way to help reduce our impact on the impact. Don’t let the plastic industry move us in the wrong direction. Please join us in voting “YES” on Proposition 67 and “NO” on Proposition 65.

- Jim Osgood

President and CEO, Klean Kanteen


Image: Yes on 67 - Protect California's Plastic Bag Ban