Brand-New Product, Shipping Now

Fall is here, and with it: a myriad of changing colors. Leaves are slowly shifting from bright greens to dusky oranges, and our bottles are making a marked transition as well, from vibrant hues with shine all around to matte-finished earth tones that practically beg for mitten-covered hands to hold them tight.

Whether fall in your region calls for mittens or not, you'll want to get your hands on the brand-new Fall 2014 Klean Kanteen lineup, which includes quite a few new items, in addition to those in striking new colors.

Our well-loved Stainless Steel cups now come in a brand-new smaller size: 10 ounces. That makes it perfect for handing out juice to your little ones, as well as for sipping fine wine out of on a crisp fall night amid friends. Another size adjustment will come in the form of the Classic bottle, which we're now offering up bigger than ever before, at a whopping 64 ounces. 

The team here at Klean HQ is excited about the new product, especially the man behind the product, Director of Product Phil Notheis. We asked him to give us a bit of the inside scoop on everything new, and here's what he had to say: 

"For Klean Kanteen loyalists, one of our brightly colored gleaming bottles is as essential as water itself! But sheen-free is the look we're feeling right now, and it's a great addition as we continue growing into new markets. While many people love our vibrant designs, some folks are after the "stealth look." We get it, and we love it. Anything but dull, the new finishes give our clean, classic and timeless bottle shapes a raw, edgy look that emphasizes design elements such as our curvy shoulders and clean surfaces. So pure."

Take a moment to browse the site and find your favorite look. Whether subdued Shale Black or bright Glacial Glass is your style, you'll find what you're after.