Thursday Getaway: A Feature From Camp Grounded

At this point in the week, we suspect you're in the mood to get out and enjoy the world outside of your computer screen, but it's Thursday, and you can't–yet. Don't despair! We've got just the thing to make you smile, daydream or draw inspiration from for your weekend, which is just around the corner. 

Thanks to the gracious folks at Camp Grounded, we're sharing a post from their blog that's all about their partnership with us here at Klean Kanteen. We hope it inspires you to get out, unplug and maybe even register today for Camp Grounded this summer! From The Camp Grounded Blog: 

When we play at Camp Grounded, we work to keep our playground spotless. That playground is 2,000 acres of coastal redwood, and it’s important to us that we keep our camp just as beautiful when we leave as it was when we arrived. We are incredibly excited to announce that Klean Kanteen (for the second year in a row) is helping us make that happen! This year, campers will receive both a stainless steel pint and a stainless steel water bottle to help them quench all of their tea, juice, kombucha, and most importantly – H20 – thirsts.

Klean Kanteen strives for the best, and they deliver it. They’ve been a leader in sustainability practices since the get-go when they opened shop in 2004. They have the highest standards using only food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free polypropylene to make their bottles. Their ingenious design doesn’t need a liner like other bottles; therefore there won’t be any funky lingering tastes. That means the kombucha you sip on under the afternoon sun won’t taste like the juice you gulped down during breakfast. Each sip will be just as refreshing as the first. Here’s a sneak peak of this summer’s bottle:


We wanted to make sure campers stayed hydrated not just during mealtime, but during all of our other fun activities too. The durable stainless steel bottles we’ll be giving out during registration will be able to withstand even the roughest of Capture the Flag games.

Worried you’ll lose your water bottle during the craziness that transpires at camp? We’ll be holding a contest for the most unique bottle. Turn it into your own personal disco ball or spruce it up to be your date to the camp dance.  Get crafty at the Art Barn and stay hydrated! And we learned from last year, campers take their bottles with them everywhere. So this summer, they will circle their village and write their nickname on the bottles, so when we find a few by the river we can deliver them to their rightful owner. Cheers to Klean Kanteen!