Thursday Getaway: Embracing Simplicity with Kirsten Rickert

Stop what you're doing and take a moment to gaze at some of the beautiful photos of everyday life (and motherhood) that our friend Kirsten Rickert posts on Instagram, here. When you do so, you'll realize it's no wonder that Vogue UK recently named Kirsten one of "10 women who capture motherhood at its most beautiful, via Instagram." 

On her website, Kirsten explains why, in 2011, her family decided "that we would no longer be consumers of plastic toys..." She goes on: "... since then we have not purchased new plastic toys or accepted them as gifts. Plastic toys no longer enter our home. We are inspired by Waldorf philosophy, which supports our no plastic policy and helps us remain environmentally conscious. I do well to create a small ‘western family’ footprint, but I often feel, with further education and inspiration, I can do better."

We're not the only ones who love Kirsten's simple, beautiful, plastic-free lifestyle, but we were thrilled to team up with her to help spread the word that bringing your own bottle wherever you go is infinitely more beautiful than single-use hydration. Here's how Kirsten describes it in her blog post: 

"We all sense deep down that we can not continue producing ‘use once’ throw away plastic, and as our awareness increases other options and ways of being arise. Thankfully companies like Klean Kanteen are already helping us on this path, to create a change, that will write a better future. Many of us know now that we do not leave our home without our refillable water bottle or coffee cup, and in doing this daily we are training our children and caring for our future. If you can remember your smart phone, and keys, you can remember your water bottle! Be empowered, you will feel the beauty flow!" 

You can enter Kirsten's Klean Kanteen giveaway here.