A Successful Events Season

 Klean’s Field Marketing Manager Melissa McClary shares how her team spent the season working with event organizers across the country to help drive Klean’s mission in motion: zero waste events.

Putting on an event at any scale is far from simple. Organizers are challenged with a myriad of considerations, and sustainability often takes a back seat to profitability concerns, waste management or other complex logistics. Many event promoters offer compostable alternatives and recycling, which is one way to put a good foot forward and do the right thing. However, our team is much more interested in helping to reduce waste from the outset – through reusable solutions and an experience that shows what zero waste can look like. And we think it looks pretty amazing.

When we see our event partners adopting programs and practices that reduce reliance on single-use products, we’re impressed. We don’t take partnerships lightly, throw a bunch of cash at it and then show up to watch the show and have fun. We work collaboratively with event promoters and roll up our sleeves to actively engage with our partners and their audiences. Together we create sustainable solutions and often, multi-year plans, that benefit everyone.

When it comes to putting on waste-free events, we are honored that so many partners call Klean a trusted advisor. Our program requires water stations on site (what’s a reusable Kanteen without a refillable water source?), as well as our Cup Karma program, which offers event goers discounts on beverages when they purchase a reusable Klean Kanteen stainless steel pint.

This season in particular was our most successful to date. In 2016 we:

In the words of FloydFest Event Promoter Linda DeVito, “Our Partnership with Klean Kanteen is a shining example of how working together for a common goal makes a difference. FloydFest has reduced almost all disposable cup use by providing attendees the opportunity to purchase a beautiful steel pint branded with each year’s festival artwork. Now collectors’ items for our attendees, the cups have contributed to our commitment to reducing waste and becoming a greener event.”

As we wrap a wildly successful event season and begin to prepare for next year, we want to thank all the event organizers and attendees who helped us make is a success. We couldn’t have done it without you.

If you are interested in becoming an event partner or in learning more about Klean Kanteen’s event program, please visit our website.