Who is Dani Hochmuth?

With the ski season kicking off in the US and Europe, here’s a story of an inspiring snowboarder who is taking action and living a lifestyle that helps Protect Our Winters.

My playground is the mountains and the love of my life is my snowboard (so far). I’ve tattooed a snowflake for each country I’ve snowboarded in on my body. As a globetrotter, I create a substantial carbon footprint and that, amongst other reasons, is why I have chosen to live the lifestyle I have.

I may be an extreme girl who can easily ride high-angle slopes and send six meter cliffs, but what is truly important for me is inner balance and my freedom to make decisions for myself.

I am a yogini. I love acrobatic yoga, where you connect with other humans and push your boundaries together in a playful way. To help reduce my footprint, I try to live a yogic lifestyle on and off the mat.

In my home, there is no television and my friendly neighbors are sheep and tree covered mountains.  I don’t have a car and I live a 20-minute walk from the next small city where I can jump on a bus to Innsbruck (central Austria). I cherish being able to greet the stars and the moon every night thanks to the lack of light pollution around my home.

Inside my house you will find hardly any plastic or trash. I get my vegetables from a garden in the summer and buy whatever else I need at a local shop that sells regional products throughout the year. Furthermore, and I guess this is quite unusual, there is no meat, smoking, or alcohol allowed in my home. Although it may seem strict, I still enjoy the occasional drink at parties outside my place because I am only human.

In addition to living the lifestyle I’ve chosen, I create a positive impact in this world as a climate change activist and volunteer. I’m proud to be the President of Protect Our Winters (POW) in Austria because POW is the voice of the winter sports community’s fight against climate change. I would say am a peaceful warrior and what makes a true warrior is being brave and having courage in the truth of what he or she truly believes.

Join us in the coming weeks to find out what drives this peaceful warrior to be an activist fighting climate change for Protect Our Winters in Europe.