Alternative Energy Systems talks about the importance of solar energy in 2017

One of the strongest commitments we can make in 2017 is one to transition away from the use of fossil fuels. One of our best, and fastest growing renewable resource options to take us there is solar energy, and for good reason.

Exactly how resourceful is solar energy? Well, in one hour the sun beams enough energy onto Earth to power the global energy need for an entire year. Solar energy is also one of the cleanest sources of energy as it produces no pollutants. Solar chemical processes can even replace fossil fuels as a source for chemical energy, and can make solar energy storable and transportable. Applying this to our daily lives is not hard and is in fact cheaper, more sustainable, and safer. By relying on battery backup, solar energy can provide electricity 24×7. Yep, that means even on cloudy days and at night. Imagine if we harnessed all the energy the sun provides and actually used it!

We wanted to get the facts on solar energy, and how it’s changing the world. So, we turned to Alternative Energy Systems (AES). AES has been installing solar in the North Valley of Chico, CA since 2003, and they are proud to be a Master Dealer for SunPower, a manufacturer of world-record solar technology. AES also holds the National Customer Service Excellence award for the dedication and care they show each and every customer. It is their mission to provide infrastructure solutions that support a sustainable social, economic, and environmental future. We asked, “just how important is this growing business of solar energy and sustainable energy solutions?" AES offered us more than just a few facts on the subject, and have given us more reason than ever to make big changes in 2017.

Just how important is this growing business of solar energy and sustainable energy solutions?

Paramount! It will be one of the primary forces behind getting climate change moving in the right direction, as well as a global economic driver in technology, manufacturing, and sales.

What is AES known for in the Solar Power industry, and what sets you apart from other like businesses also trying to harness in the power of the sun?

In addition to providing a world-class quality product, AES is also a national leader in the customer experience. We see every project as a long-term relationship in providing clean, affordable solar energy.

What are the values that drive AES?

Treat every home or business as if it were you own. Honor the client and your co-workers by providing your very best effort and have a passion for leaving our planet a better place.

For those of us who don't know how solar energy works, what are some important key facts to understand?

Photovoltaics is the conversion of light energy into electricity. When a solar cell absorbs light energy, it releases electrons, which are then captured to produce electrical current. There is enough light energy to satisfy all of the energy needs of the world, and it is now a more cost effective way of producing electricity than fossil fuels.

What steps can individuals take to move towards making solar energy their primary source of power in their homes, and daily lives?

As grid energy cost continue to rise, many people are able to lower their carbon footprint, as well as reduce their energy cost, by incorporating solar on their homes. In many places in the US, companies will perform an energy and home analysis to determine if solar is a good fit at no cost to the homeowner.

How does AES feel that solar energy will change the world?

It already is becoming the most cost effective and sustainable way to produce electricity for our homes and businesses. As energy storage technology improves, it will continue to become one of the most dominant sources of power on the planet.