Treat yourself to a mental vacation

Solitude is not only important for your mental health, but it can also give you new perspectives, spawn creativity, and release unnecessary anxiety. We at Klean Kanteen believe it’s important to make every day count, and to give yourself time to revel in the things that fill you up.

In an increasingly fast paced society, it’s easy to forget that the one main constant in your life, yourself, also needs time to recoup, recharge, and have a little solitude.

“How can I make time?” you might ask. That’s easy! Make your free time as important as your other responsibilities. Give yourself even just 10-30 minutes to be present in the moment and do something that is just for you. Here are three revolving reasons that validate your need for a mental vacation.

Get some Perspective

Without time to remove yourself from the constant bombardment of stimuli, you can become overwhelmed and lose sight of what matters to you most. Stepping away from the noise of the day will allow you the necessary time to gather yourself. Allow yourself the time and space to weed out the unnecessary stress and gain happy insight. With perspective comes a sense of direction and creativity.  

Get Creative

Can you imagine trying to start a project in a room filled with clutter? It’s impossible to focus because you have no space to create. Clearing your mind works the same way. Once you have cleaned up the proverbial mess, you are left with space to get creative. With perspective comes a sense of direction and creativity. When you rid yourself of what is weighing you down, you are left open to live in the moment and be inspired by the beautiful world around you.

Say goodbye to unnecessary anxiety

Stay away from the negative thoughts. Instead fill up your free time being productive in the things that create a positive frame of mind. 

Don’t have a lot of time? That’s okay, we have a few easy suggestions that can be done in 10-15 minutes tops.

  • Take a walk
  • Play with your animals
  • Meditate
  • Read some uplifting words from your favorite book or author 
  • Put your favorite song on and dance
  • Have a healthy snack food is also a necessary ingredient in mental health. 
  • Take a power nap sleep is equally as important as food 
  • Work on a project that is just for you  
  • Call a friend 
  • Take a soak in the tub 
  • Hug someone you love- spreading joy ultimately brings joy

Whatever makes you smile more, and worry less, is absolutely worth the time it may take. Making the most of every day means going to bed at night knowing you have checked the most important boxes off your list. There may not be unlimited hours in the day, but if you are not soulfully present then all your to-dos suffer as well. No passport necessary to take this soul vacation. All you need is a little determination to put you first. We believe in you! You can make 2017 your most mindful year yet.