5 Gyres – Becoming #BEADFREE

July 13, 2016

It’s likely that you have already heard something about the negative impact microbeads are having on our rivers, lakes, and oceans. Whether you have or have not, here are some quick facts about microbeads worth knowing:

  • Microbeads are small plastic “exfoliants” found in face scrubs and toothpastes. They are designed to wash off your body and down the drain.
  • Microbeads are so small that they often end up passing through water treatment plants and into waterways like rivers and oceans.
  • The US banned microbeads–thanks to the activism of organizations like our partner 5 Gyres–but the ban doesn’t go into effect until 2018.

Every year between now and when the ban on microbeads goes into effect, the US alone will emit enough microbeads to wrap around the planet seven times.

An estimated eight billion microbeads per day are being emitted into aquatic habitats in the United States, which equals approximately 2.9 trillion per year! Microbeads that make it to the ocean get caught in currents and end up polluting oceans and killing aquatic life around the world.

Even though this is such a massive problem, there is hope because you are the solution. 5 Gyres has set up a great action kit for you to use to help make your life and your community #BEADFREE.

We want to send a big THANK YOU to 5 Gyres for all the amazing work you do and for helping people take action to create a #BEADFREE world.

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Klean Voices: Outdoor Against Cancer

June 24, 2016

It all started with a cancer diagnosis. At age 50, journalist Petra Thaller was confronted with an impossible choice nobody should ever have to make: give up and lose her life or undergo crippling chemotherapy treatments and still potentially succumb to the grips of cancer. For Petra the choice was easy, she decided she was going to fight back and save her own life.

Not only did Petra fight back, she took it one step further and founded Outdoor Against Cancer (OAC), a nonprofit dedicated to using outdoor sports to provide mental and physical support to people undergoing cancer treatment. Klean Kanteen is proud to support Petra and her amazing Munich, Germany-based organization through 1% For the Planet.

The idea behind the organization is a simple yet powerful one: help patients stay fit so they can get healthy. OAC provides opportunities for patients to participate in outdoor activities like hiking, bike touring, sailing, stand up paddleboarding, yoga and more.

Petra is a huge supporter of Klean Kanteen because of the products we make. She believes that having products free of Bisphenol A (BPA) is key to cancer prevention and optimal health.

Find out more about all the amazing work Petra and her team are up to at OAC. #stayfitgethealthy

Klean Kanteen is proud to be a 1% For The Planet member. 

Klean Voice contributor Henry Hoogenveen is a passionate advocate for the outdoors, and represents Klean Kanteen in Europe. As such, he shares events, information, trends and happenings from across the ocean right here on the Klean Blog. 

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