Thursday Getaway: Enjoying The Places We Help Preserve

July 07, 2016

Klean Kanteen Co-Owner and Director of Human Resources, Michelle Kalberer, shares her reflections on a great Klean Kanteen tradition–the family camping trip.


Every year I delight in the chance to escape the summer heat of Chico and head into the neighboring Sierras with co-workers and their families during our annual camping trip. By simply unplugging and connecting with our families in nature, we come alive and are reminded of that which is important to us as people and as a company.

I woke up on the first morning of the trip, not to an alarm clock, not to the auto-brewed coffee pot, and not to the urgency of life. I awoke in the warmth of my sleeping bag, to sun rays making their way through evergreen branches, and to the giggles of Klean kids already enjoying the day!

We've spent so much time inside the walls of Klean inspiring and encouraging humans to make choices that care for the environment. It’s a treat when we get an opportunity to enjoy the same natural world we’ve worked so hard to preserve.

To recharge our internal batteries, we used our imaginations to become children again. We fished, kayaked, paddle boarded, played friendly games of Spikeball, and connected in ways that are impossible to do at work.

I made a pile of pinecones with Ryker (age 4) and learned that it was really a pod of whales we were creating a home for. I pushed Eisley (age 2) in a swing, and she told me how she was a blue bird. I basked in the relaxed smiles of our families as we chatted and told stories around the campfire. It was in those moments that I was reminded the staggering importance of our mission: to respect the places we live and play, to be responsible human beings, and to have a lot of FUN!!!

My heart expanded (once again) as I enjoyed friendships that go beyond the workplace, and with the peacefulness we received from a world that is ours to cherish. Every day I am thankful for the people I work with, people truly committed to what matters. This trip was the perfect reminder of just how much I am inspired by them! Monday is just around the corner…. Bring it on!!!


Thursday Getaway: Music and Environmental Stewardship in the High Sierras

June 30, 2016

Every summer, we set out from our home in Chico, California to bring single-use solutions to music festivals across the United States. We love it when we get the opportunity to do the same in our own backyard, which is exactly what we are doing at this weekend’s High Sierra Music Festival.

This family-friendly event kicks off today in Quincy, California, and will treat festival-goers to the sounds of Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Greensky Bluegrass, The California Honeydrops, and many other wonderful artists.

Throughout the Fourth of July weekend, Klean will be providing water stations to help all those in attendance stay hydrated, healthy, and happy in the summer heat of the High Sierras.

In addition to partnering with us, High Sierra Music Festival is working with Clean Vibes to minimize the environmental impact of the event. Together we are going to ensure that as little waste as possible is created. Clean Vibes will take any waste from the festival and see that it is recycled and composted as efficiently as possible.  

For more information about how we are helping set the standard for environmental responsibility at music festivals and events, please visit our events page.

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Thursday Getaway: B Corps and Bluegrass in Telluride

June 16, 2016

Telluride Bluegrass We are heading back to the gorgeous San Juan mountains in southwestern Colorado for the 43rd annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival. In addition to reveling in the bluegrass stylings of Ryan Adams, Neil Finn, Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush and many more, we are joining forces with three other B Corporations to help maintain the longstanding tradition of social responsibility and environmental stewardship at this unique alpine music festival.

This year, we are returning as a sponsor and partner to help provide festival-goers with solutions that allow them offset the consumption of single-use plastic cups and bottles. By adopting Klean Kanteen’s Cup Karma® program, Telluride Bluegrass is able to offer attendees discounts on drinks purchased in reusable Klean Kanteen stainless steel Pints throughout the entire event. Over the four days of the festival, Cup Karma® will help keep thousands of plastic cups and bottles out of landfills.   

We are also proud to be representing the B Corp movement at this year’s festival alongside Planet Bluegrass, the folks that bring us Telluride Bluegrass, New Belgium Brewery, and Renewable Choice Energy. Together we are offering the world a positive example of a better way to do business and helping set the standard for socially responsible and environmentally friendly music festivals.

To learn more about this weekend’s festivities please visit the Telluride Bluegrass Festival website. You can also find out more about Planet Bluegrass’ industry leading sustainable festivation here.

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Thursday Getaway: Klean Kanteen, Climbing Against the Odds in 2016

May 19, 2016

Breast Cancer Fund's annual mountaineering expedition in support of breast cancer prevention is almost here. The 2016 Climb Against the Odds will take place June 19th-24th, and Klean Kanteen's very own Clayton Bradford will be climbing this year. Clayton has been busy training to climb 14,179-foot Mount Shasta, as well as fundraising for support in BCFs work to prevent breast cancer – and he's getting more excited for the climb by the day. We asked Clayton how preparations are going, as well as why he's climbing in the first place. Here's what he had to say:

"I am dedicating my climb to all those with cancer who cannot climb themselves, whether they are to ill or simply can't afford it. Training has been a sporadic due to busy schedules, but it's been intense nonetheless. I'm excited and nervous for the climb in general! I am not a big fan of the cold or the snow, but have always wanted to do something like this..."
Clayton Bradford
We're wishing Clayton the best of luck on his climb in June, as well has happy training until then. Want to support his climb and the Breast Cancer Fund? Please do so here



Thursday Getaway: Teaming Up with United By Blue for Clean Water

May 12, 2016

We're excited to be joining forces with an incredible brand and fellow leader in socially responsible business practice: United By Blue. We will be partnering with this sustainable apparel and accessories maker to release a series of five co-branded, stainless-steel products that, with each purchase, will remove a pound of trash from a river or ocean. The collaboration will hit stores in mid-July.

Brian Linton, Founder and President of United By Blue said, “bringing attention to our universal reliance on clean water and the impact of single-use plastics in our environment was a major reason why we started United By Blue. We’re very glad to have the opportunity to work together with another company that shares our passion toward clean water and the elimination of plastics.”

To kick-off the partnership, United By Blue and Klean Kanteen will participate in a full-day clean-up of Big Chico Creek with Klean company employees on Friday, May 13. Klean Kanteen will also donate 2500 insulated stainless steel pint cups to volunteers from across the country who participate in 2016 United By Blue clean-up efforts, with 35 scheduled nationally for the remainder of 2016.

“Klean Kanteen is excited to partner with fellow B-Corp United By Blue, to inspire grassroots action around issues we’re both passionate about: single use waste and clean water. A longtime 1% for the Planet member, our philosophy has always been grounded in environmental stewardship. As a business community, strength in numbers is incredibly important. Together with United By Blue, we can help people to take an active role as stewards to our planet and give back to the places we live and play,” says Michelle Kalberer, Co-Owner of Klean Kanteen.

Upon founding United By Blue in 2010, company founders wanted to instill a permanent culture of stewardship around healing our waterways and oceans. By associating each product sold with the removal of one pound of trash from waterways, United By Blue unites this mission with business objectives. United By Blue does not write checks or accept donations; rather the company fulfills the pledge through company-organized and hosted cleanups. Since 2010, United By Blue has hosted 147 cleanups in 23 states, with more than 4,000 volunteers removing 280,000 pounds of trash.




Thursday Getaway: Salween Spring

April 28, 2016

Salween Spring from NRS Films on Vimeo.

"On any river, anywhere in the world, just being on a wild river, it brings out the best in people." 

This statement rings true to us, perhaps now more than ever. In our increasingly non-stop society, it's imperative that we all stop from time to time and enjoy something wild and free in our natural world. We invite you to stop what you're doing right now and watch the short film, Salween Spring, presented by NRS, directed by Will Stauffer-Norris and produced by Travis Winn and Last Descents River Expeditions. It's a great reminder of what's important in life.

 Here's what this film is all about, from Vimeo:

"Meet Travis Winn, an American who traveled to China for the first time 15 years ago to join his dad on a first descent of the Headwaters of the Salween River in Tibet. On that first trip Travis realized that most Chinese citizens had no way to get out and experience free-flowing rivers. And later he learned that at the rate these rivers were being dammed, very few people would ever have a chance to see the rivers in their pristine and natural state. Risking his mental and physical health, Travis continues to strive toward his personal goal to bring the Chinese people closer to their rivers."



Thursday Getaway: All the Way to the Ocean

April 14, 2016

All the Way to the Ocean from Freedom Three Publishing on Vimeo.


Joel Harper's beloved book, All the Way to the Ocean is now an animated movie featuring the talents of acclaimed actors, award winning musicians and dedicated activists Amy Smart, Ben Harper, Burning Spear, Jack Johnson, Joel Harper, Marcia Cross and Xavier Rudd.

The movie artfully tackles non-point source pollution in an entertaining and immersive way that children and adults will find engaging. We're proud to share it this week, and we invite you to watch the trailer today – and to purchase it in full on Earth Day!


Thursday Getaway: All At Once Premiere

April 07, 2016

In celebration of Earth Month, Participant Media is premiering “All At Once: On The Road,” a documentary that follows Jack Johnson’s 2014 North American west coast tour and highlights his music, lifestyle and greening initiatives. 

The film gives us an inside look at Johnson‘s Kōkua Hawaiʻi Foundation, the work of the All At Once campaign and several key non-profit partners and businesses focusing on plastic free initiatives and sustainable local food systems. It's inspiring to see how Jack and his team strive to limit the impact they leave on this planet – from traveling on biodiesel-powered buses, to sourcing organic and locally grown meals, to carefully disposing of waste along the way.

The goal of the tour and this documentary is to show people that they can get involved, make the right choices and enjoy the music along the way. If you miss the film premiere on Pivot TV, you can get it on April 8th via iTunes! 


Thursday Getaway: Turning Green's Conscious College Road Tour 2016

March 31, 2016

For the past three years, Klean has partnered with Turning Green to help inspire action around waste reduction and safe consumer products, issues that are core to Klean’s mission. Turning Green recently kicked off their fifth annual Conscious College Road Tour, a nationwide event that began at the University of Idaho. The tour will include additional stops at college campuses where Turning Green will educate students about how to live consciously and in an environmentally sustainable way. As Turning Green puts it: "We engage thousands of students across the country to make informed personal choices as well as develop sustainability projects on campus." 

Throughout the campus tour, Turning Green will introduce and sample some of the best of the best in sustainable products. This gives students tangible, accessible ways to begin living consciously. Turning Green will be blogging from each campus, so you can follow along as they roll through 17 locations, and learn the latest from the road! 

Klean Kanteen is proud to sponsor the College Road Tour this year, to inspire this generation of college students to join the #BringYourOwn movement and live more consciously. If you want to do your part, we encourage you to follow the Turning Green 2016 Conscious College Road Tour, here