Eliminating Single-Use at Pickathon

August 04, 2016

Eliminating Single-Use at Pickathon
We have been showing up in Happy Valley, Oregon, since 2010 to help Pickathon maintain its commitment to eliminating single-use plastic. This year is no different, except that we are encouraging all attendees to bring and reuse their own Klean Kanteen stainless steel pints and bottles purchased at previous Pickathons or at other music festivals.
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An Interview With Klean Kanteen's Director of Product

June 10, 2016

We sat down with Phil Notheis, Klean Kanteen's Director of Product, to see what went into the creation of all our new products.

Phil Notheis

KK: What are the new products? 

PN: "We are expanding our drinkware collection this year, with three new offerings: a larger 20oz Pint cup, and two additional Insulated Tumbler sizes: 8oz and 20oz. The long awaited and anticipated leak proof Café Cap 2.0 is also being released as an accessory and as a stock configuration for all of our Insulated Wide bottles going forward."

KK: What was the inspiration behind the new products? 

Leakproof Café Cap 2.0 / Insulated Wide

PN: "With the launch of our new café cap 2.0, we are thrilled to finally offer a cap that was, well, leak proof! While this might seem to be a pretty simple design proposition, the cap’s design and engineering are incredibly complex, which is why it’s taken some time to perfect it. Our loyal fans love us, have provided constructive feedback, and have been very patient. We’re really happy and proud to give them exactly what they’ve always wanted."                                                                                                                                
"...we are thrilled to finally offer a cap that was, well, leak proof!"
         Klean Kanteen Cafe Cap 2.0 - Leak Proof for Wide Insulated Bottles

20oz Pint

PN: "Inspired by the UK 'proper pint', courtesy of our friends across the pond, Klean Kanteen now offers a true 20oz size. The larger size ensures our pints are large enough to fill 500mL, another accepted standard in other parts of Europe. Klean has pioneered waste-reducing reusable steel pint cups for events and festivals in the US. As our event presence and partnerships have grown globally, we are looking forward to better serving the EU market who unfortunately have the same festival waste problems we have here, but their pints are larger (or ours our smaller, depending on who you’re talking to)!"

"Klean has pioneered waste-reducing reusable steel pint cups for events and festivals in the US."

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint Cup 20oz

8oz Tumbler

PN: "Klean partners with some of the best coffee shops and roasters to reduce single use waste. These small roasters have a focus on high quality, organic and fair trade coffee that’s roasted in small batches to ensure optimal freshness the best coffee experience. To best experience the delicate flavors of their fruity and medium roasts, many of these shops are pouring smaller serving sizes that are less diluted with milk and froth. Some of these smaller popular coffee drinks are 'flat whites,' 'gibraltars,' and 'cortados.' Our partners directly influenced the design and size that was right for their businesses. Some also serve drinks with interesting latte art on the foam, so we also ensured the new design had a large upper rim opening."

"Our partners directly influenced the design and size that was right for their businesses."

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler 8oz

20oz Tumbler

PN: "Inspired by the venti iced latte, our 16oz Insulated Tumbler is the perfect cold beverage enjoyment tool. With our straw lid, the Tumbler also offers great versatility for other drinks like smoothies. Well, until now. Thanks to resounding feedback that iced drinks could use a larger size since the ice took up so much room! We hear you, people! Now we have a “proper” pint-size for our European friends."

Klean Kanteen Insulated Tumbler 20oz

KK: What design principles did you incorporate into these products?

PN: "Our Klean Design approach is responsible, and factors health, safety, versatility, functionality, beauty and end of life into each product solution. If our products don’t solve a problem around waste or health, we don’t make them – period. Klean products perform and insulate as well as, and in many cases better than, our close competitors. We believe in living a Klean lifestyle – sometimes all it takes is a simple solution."

"If our products don’t solve a problem around waste or health, we don’t make them – period."

More specifically, these are some of the key principles we follow:

1. Non-toxic materials. First and foremost. BPA free and non-toxic.

2. Simple, timeless design. Beautiful, to inspire use and integration into daily life for years to come. 

3. 100% disassemble able. Important for end-of-life considerations, and for serviceability to extend life of the product.

4. Recyclability. Majority of the weight of the product is recyclable at end of life. 

5. Easy to clean. Lids on our Tumblers have sealing gaskets with patented tab that ensures you can remove and clean easily. Our new Café Cap 2.0 disassembles easily and all nooks and crannies in the cap are 100% accessible to a brush for cleaning, no springs, folding contraptions and reliance on the water pressure in your dishwasher to ensure your cap gets satisfactorily clean.

KK: What motivates you to do the work you do?

PN: "Knowing that in one year Americans use 58 billion to-go cups and 35 billion plastic water bottles. Those are insane numbers and it's rewarding to realize that our product IS the solution. 

I also love that we're driving change, in peoples' behavior around single-use, and in other businesses' behavior, in being a certified B-Corp."

"I also love that we're driving change, in peoples' behavior around single-use..."

KK: What is one reusable bottle issue you don't believe is getting enough attention at the moment?

PN: "Many bottle brands claim to be BPA free and non-toxic. While that may or may not be accurate, more and more studies show growing concern over plastics, including plastic liners in aluminium bottles. When it comes to health and safety, earth-based (rather than man-made) materials like stainless steel and silicone inspire confidence. Our designs undergo some of the most rigorous consumer products testing (we meet and exceed multiple high-bar standards globally such as FDA, CPSIA, California Prop 65 and REACH) available, carry a Strong as Steel™ guarantee, help reduce our collective reliance on plastic, and provide people with opportunities to make healthier choices."

A big THANK YOU to Phil Notheis for taking the time to help us get to know the new products. To see all the new additions and become part of the solution to the single-use problem, please visit our new products page

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Of Souls + Water, The Mother

May 06, 2016

OF SOULS + WATER: THE MOTHER from NRS Films on Vimeo.

This weekend, we celebrate Mother's Day. And no mother deserves more gratitude and recognition than Mother Earth. In honor of her, we've selected a short video to share with you that beautifully meditates on both Mother Earth and Mothers. In Of Souls + Water: The Mother, a piece from NRS Films, we take a trip with Melody, 67, as she paddles through the rivers of the Utah desert.



The Mother explores a mother's relationship with the earth and herself, as she discovers the artistry of the canyons and the depth of her dreams. Take a few minutes to journey with Melody through golden canyons, and down dark rivers that have spent lifetimes cutting their way through stone. You might just be inspired to plan your next journey. 


Klean Voices: The House of Water

February 29, 2016

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, and there, it was always normal to drink tap water. I thought the quality of tap water in the Netherlands was pretty good; you don’t taste any chlorine, chemicals or anything else. Everyone I knew drank tap water.

Ten years ago, I moved to northern Italy, and immediately began drinking the tap water there. The water tasted even better than what I was used to drinking in the Netherlands. 

Swedish friends of mine moved to Italy at the same time, but they were more skeptical of the water quality, despite its great taste. Before they began drinking it, they sent a sample to a Swedish lab to investigate the quality. The result showed that the water quality in our area was even better than the Swedish tap water they were used to. So from that time on, we all happily drank the best quality Italian tap water we had ever known.

Once we all became more accustomed to our new home, we started to learn that most other Italians do not drink tap water; instead, they buy their water in plastic bottles in the supermarkets. The major reason is that they think bottled water is higher in quality. In the past, this was definitely true. But the current tap water quality is as least as good – if not better – than what's in plastic bottles.

To reduce the number of plastic bottles sold (and trashed), and to restore the faith of the public in tap water quality, the local government of a town close to where we live came up with a great idea. At the entrance of the town along the main road they built “La Casa dell’ Acqua." (The House of Water.) For 10% the cost of the plastic water bottle, you can fill up on extra filtered tap water here. On the outside of the house, you can find updated information about the quality of this water, which is great!

We went there this morning and had to wait our turn as people filled up their reusable bottles for the whole week. Some of them had plastic bottles, while others had glass. We filled ours up in stainless steel, and will happily drink the best tap water we know, without generating any waste. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Klean Voice contributor Henry Hoogenveen is a passionate advocate for the outdoors, and represents Klean Kanteen in Europe. As such, he shares events, information, trends and happenings from across the ocean right here on the Klean Blog. 

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